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New Division Directors Program


Eligible participants: Division director-level officials in the central government who were assigned to a position less than a year ago, or who are to be assigned to a position within a year

Duration: 4 days (15 sessions a year)

No. of participants: 600 officials (40 per session)

• Conducted by the Management Development Division


This program aims to maximize the performance of organizations by fostering leadership and job competencies required of newly-appointed directors.

This program is also designed to enable newly-appointed directors to cultivate problem-solving skills and coordination within or outside an organization through creative and strategic thinking.

Main Features

The New Division Directors Program is made up of participatory sessions, including case studies, discussions, and practice sessions. This program is also characterized by leadership and job-oriented educational content that can be applied immediately in the workplace to ensure that the participants are able to address the wide array of challenges they will encounter as newly appointed directors who have passed the director-level competency assessment.

Focus of the Program

The program is designed to foster leadership and job competency skills required of directors. The program also aims to improve directors’ communication skills for effective communication with the public as well as co-workers, senior officials, and subordinates. The program enables the participants to understand the need for change management and to increase their readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Module Descriptions

Leadership Skills and Organizational Management: The program helps participants develop the managerial leadership skills with which they should be equipped as new directors or agency chiefs by raising awareness of the role of directors or agency chiefs and by facilitating the participants’ understanding of value-oriented organizational culture.

The program aims to enable the participants to optimize their organizational management capability and workplace performance by providing practical job-oriented training.

Communication Skills: Participants are able to develop the communication skills required of directors through sessions on effective communication and coordination of different interests within and outside an organization. They are also able to recognize their role as policy coordinators by learning about and sharing cases on conflict resolution and collaboration.

Application of Knowledge and Skills: The program helps participants develop public relations (PR) and media management skills in field work by providing sessions aimed at improving the participants‘ ability to publicize government policies and effectively handle the media.

Change Management: The program encourages directors to focus on change management to prepare for the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by understanding changes in the current administrative environment.