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Support Public Officials with Smart Learning and Self-directed Development

The Government e-Learning Platform is an optimal, readily accessible individual learning system designed to pioneer the e-Learning paradigm for public officials. It offers smart learning, mobile-based social learning, and a content curation platform, inspiring public officials to engage in self-directed learning and to refine their competency.

Main Features

All-in-one e-Learning service accessible anytime, anywhere

• Access the Government e-Learning Platform (an online education and training site for central and local government agencies) to find and take courses

• One-stop access to different content (e.g., governing philosophy, leadership, language, and informatization)

• e-Books and audio books to lift the burden off strained eyes and hands

Tailored recommendations of best possible learning programs

• Management skills: Develop leadership competency and macroscopic perspectives on future strategies

• Professional competency: Develop practical and professional competencies and acquire the essential knowledge required of public officials

• Topics of interest: Recommendations based on the topics of interest of learners

• Preference: Recommendations of popular/preferred courses in the same/similar departments or at the same levels

Micro-learning services

• Content in short clips (approximately 10 minutes)

• Learners can select what they need

• Various forms of content (e.g. CNN news, text-type news cards, etc.)

Collaborative learning services based on social networking for greater joy in learning

• Community: Support for communication and collaborative learning via communities matched with courses

• Knowledge Q&A: Knowledge sharing via ‘Knowledge IN’ for public officials

• Blog: Production of knowledge and content

External learning resources for an enriched learning environment

• Integration of learning resources across government agencies

• User-created content (UCC) provided and shared

• Matched with external open learning resources

Available Courses

• Regular Courses: Systematic e-learning courses with multiple classes

• Micro-learning Courses: Single content selected by learners

• e-Book: e-books and audio books in various areas

• Social-learning: Leaners get to recommend courses, share comments, and participate in communities and Q&A

• Offline Education-related Courses: e-Learning courses provided in connection with offline ones

• Open Courses: Immediate access to learning without signing-up

Joint Access

The Government e-Learning Platform shares its learning system and content with education and training institutions in the central and local governments, public organizations, and national universities, while enhancing the quality of e-Learning courses, minimizing budgets, and maximizing synergy.