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Global Competency Development Programs


As a public HRD hub and cradle to foster key personnel in the Korean government, the NHI has conducted global competency development programs since 1978 to cultivate qualified talents who will lead Korea with initiative in an effective and professional manner, especially when the need for international exchange and cooperation is ever increasing and the global administrative environment is rapidly changing.

In order to carry out missions successfully, the NHI categorized its global competency development training into three areas: Basic global competency; Advanced global competency; and Preparation for long-term overseas training, considering the needs of participating officials and the language that they need to attend programs as shown below.

Programs and Language Qualification by Program

Participating officials can select programs that they would like to attend among the programs above in accordance with their needs for work and language. For example, those who complete the International Skills Development Program, which needs basic or intermediate English, can come to the International Conference Program, and after that, the International Negotiation Program. The Understanding of Current Global Issues Program conducted in Korean is open to all who work in international relations as a basic knowledge for their job performance.

Global Competency Development Training in The Postcorona Era

The NHI has been maximizing its training effect reflecting the feedback and results of programs in 2020. In accordance with the Korean government’s policies on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHI will run its global competency development programs either online or offline. No matter what the training method is, the NHI will put emphasis on (1) reinforcing training effect by using both online and offline classes, depending on the characteristics of subjects and introducing strong points from both online and offline classes; (2) seeking new ways of training through which participants can participate in all class activities with initiatives not in a passive way; and (3) continuing to find new pools of up-to-date content and lecturers. The following is the NHI’s Global Competency Development Programs in 2021: