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Senior Executive Program (SEP)


Eligible participants: Director-General-level officials from the central government agencies and executive-level officers from public institutions.

Duration:45 weeks (Feb 1 – Dec 8), one session per year

Number of participants: 65

• Conducted by the Management Development Division


• The Senior Executive Program (SEP) aims to equip leaders in state affairs with insight and expertise.

• The SEP also seeks to enable participants to do the following:
    - understand and gain an appreciation of the governing philosophy and policy directions, and contemplate public service values
    - identify policy issues in the areas of the economy, society, and science & technology, and discuss policy alternatives
    - cultivate inter-agency collaboration capability and take the lead in communication, organizational change, and innovation
    - enhance comprehensive policy competencies through global competitiveness and knowledge of the humanities

Focus of the Program

Theme/Module-based Learning: Lectures on the five key education modules* → Discussions → On-site learning →Presentations

* Five modules: Governing Philosophy and Public Service Value, Policy Expertise, Leadership, Global Competency, Multi-disciplinary Education

Participatory Training: Hands-on experience programs, digital capabilities, theme-based packages, book seminars, etc.

Research for Projects and Tasks: Study for tasks assigned by ministries and agencies, team projects, and small group tasks in regard to pending policy and social issues

Capacity Building/Customized Training: Lectures ∙ seminars, interviewers, mentoring, foreign languages, and training for self-improvement, including cultivating body and mind

Social Contribution: Volunteer activities primarily for the vulnerable in society, including people with disabilities and the elderly living alone

Exchanges/Cooperation: Interaction with participants in other programs and forums held in cooperation with specialized institutions