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New G5 Officials Program
(Open / Career Recruits)


Eligible participants: Recruits who have passed the Open Competitive Examination for grade 5 (O/R) or the Recruitment Examination for experienced personnel from the private sector for grade 5 (C/R).

Duration: 17 weeks (May 10-Sept 9) for Open Recruits (O/R); Nine weeks (Feb 17-Apr 20) for Career Recruits (C/R)

Number of participants: 340 Open Recruits and 60 Career Recruits


• This program aims to internalize public service values required of new G5 recruits and foster proper attitude as public servants.

• This program is also designed to acquire knowledge and skills required when executing duties as policymakers and improve policy-planning capabilities for problem-solving.

• It is also to cultivate the leadership skills required of mid-level managers to promote internal communication and interagency collaboration and improve their capabilities to respond to uncertain future environments.

Focus of the Programs

• This program focuses on the understanding of the governing philosophy and national agenda, internalization of public service values, and the establishment of public service attitudes.

• This program also places an emphasis on enhancing jobspecific policy planning capabilities and acquiring general job skills and knowledge.

• It also aims to foster the leadership skills required of mid-level managers who engage in communication with officials from diverse ranks and various other institutions and the understanding of future policy environment