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01. Analysis of the Education Environment in 2020

Increased Uncertainties and Complexities in the Public Policy Environment in Korea due to Rapid Changes in Social Structure

The labor force structure in the civil service is being diversified due to the low fertility rate and an aging population, retirement of baby boomers, millennials’ advance into society, and revitalization of public-private exchanges. In addition, a paradigm shift in society is taking place in line with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, marked by virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

A Need to Bring about Tangible Changes for the Public by Continuing to Spread the Current Administration’s Governing Philosophy

At the halfway mark of the incumbent administration, it is necessary to produce tangible outcomes for the public. Such values as inclusiveness, innovation, fairness, and peace have to be further disseminated in the civil service and thus should be reflected in relevant policies. In addition, the administration needs to disseminate fundamental principles of state affairs, such as innovation and proactive governance, in the civil service at large.

A Paradigm Shift in Public HRD Training Objectives and the Education Environment

The primary goal of training should be shifted from individual capacity building to talent development that focuses on boosting organizational performance and the realization of values pursued. On top of this, a self-directed talent development framework has to take root by promoting informal learning through interactions in the workplace and within an organization.

priority Consideration