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New G5 Officials Program
(Open / Career Recruits)


Eligible participants: Recruits who have passed the Grade 5 (G5) Recruitment Examination by Open Competition (O/R) or the Recruitment Examination of Positions for experienced recruits from the private sector (C/R)

Duration: 17 weeks for Open Recruits (O/R); 9 weeks for Career Recruits (C/R)

Number of participants: 350 Open Recruits and 80 Career Recruits

• Conducted by the New Officials Training Division


• This program is designed to establish an appropriate public service attitude by internalizing the public service values required of new G5 recruits and to cultivate the public service leadership skills needed by new manager-level officials.

• This program aims to develop the recruits as key leaders by enhancing their job competencies, expertise, global mindset, and policy-planning capability for problem-solving. The program also offers an opportunity for participants to improve their competency in dealing with the new global environment in the era of Fourth Industrial Revolution and their coordination and communication capability to facilitate inter-agency collaboration.

Main Features

• Participants join a preliminary program that includes offline reading assignments and discussion programs on public service values and on ways to respond to future changes.

• During the in-house training, participants learn about the roles and responsibilities of new entry-level managerial officials through various leadership and expertise education sessions, particularly focusing on policy planning capabilities through case studies.

• The program employs up-to-date training methodologies and includes a significant number of participatory, simulation-oriented sessions to encourage all the participants to actively engage in the program.


Module Descriptions

Governing Philosophy and Public Service Values: Participants are able to internalize appropriate perspectives on the state, public service, and the ethics required of new entry-level managerial officials by participating in activity-based residential training.

Job Competency and Expertise: The participants develop job-specific knowledge and competency through intensive training in general job skills and by gaining expertise in budget, legislation, personnel system, report writing, and ICT, including AI and coding.

Leadership in the Public Service: Participants develop the leadership skills required of new entry-level managerial officials by participating in a structured policy planning program consisting of a lecture → group study → feedback process, as well as by participating in a small-group problem-solving skills development program, and programs on communication, conflict resolution, and change management.