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New G7 Officials Program


Eligible participants: New Grade 6 (G6) and Grade 7 (G7) officials in the central government

Duration: 5 weeks (two sessions a year)

Number of participants: 400 officials (1st session: 300, 2nd session: 100)

• Conducted by the New Officials Training Division


• This program is designed to establish appropriate public service attitudes by enabling the participants to internalize the public service values required of new G6 and G7 recruits.

• The program also enables participants to gain the professional knowledge and competence required of new G6 and G7 recruits to assist them in conducting their duties.

Main Features

This five-week program offers basic training for new G6 and G7 officials in the central government. Participants have an opportunity to establish appropriate public service attitudes by understanding the current administration’s governing philosophy and national agenda. The program includes developing public service values, ethics, and appropriate views on the nation in the first and second weeks; building job-specific competencies, including basic administrative duties, report writing, ICT awareness and practice, in the third and fourth weeks; and developing leadership skills, communication skills, and global competency in the fifth week.

NHI has adopted a flipped learning method (preliminary course + in-house training + feedback) to optimize the effectiveness of the program. For participatory, task-based classes (e.g. writing reports, official documents, and press releases), the participants are put into smaller class groups to facilitate their participation in exercises.