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Customized Programs for Foreign Government Officials


• NHI has designed and conducted customized programs for foreign officials since 1984. Officials from ASEAN countries, Malaysia, Japan, Russian Federation, Vietnam, Brunei, and other countries have participated in these programs.

• Depending on the objectives of the program, the curriculum and program content vary, but the need for training content on the Fourth Industrial Revolution will likely increase as many countries around the world are paying keen attention to technology-led changes and challenges.

Process and Main Features

Duration: One to two weeks

Training expenses: Covered by the governments of the participating countries and by international organizations


Program Sample

The Executive Development Program (EDP) for Malaysian Government Officials, 2020

• Program Objectives

  • a. To develop leadership competency based on values and strategies to carry out government policy in an efficient and creative way
  • b. To equip Malaysian civil service leaders with future- and change-oriented management competencies by providing chances to share practices and cases on the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Korea
  • c. To share values and practices within organizations and society to support the realization of Malaysia’s national development vision
  • d. To build the partnership between Korea and Malaysia through various sharing activities

• Program Outline

  • - Main Theme: The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Civil Service and Government’s Role and Strategies
  • - Date: April 6 - April 17 (Working level), June 15 – June 26 (Senior level), October 26 – November 6, 2020 (Junior Level)
  • - Participants: 60 Malaysian Government Officials in 3 Programs (20 officials in each program)
  • - Program design and learning process