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Global Competency Development Programs


As a leading national institution for HRD, NHI has conducted global competency development programs since 1978 to cultivate qualified talents who will lead Korea with initiative in an effective and professional manner, especially when the need for international exchange and cooperation is ever increasing and the global administrative environment is rapidly changing. In order to carry out our missions successfully, NHI will conduct global competency development programs in 2020 as follows:


First, NHI will conduct Basic Global Competency Development Programs (BGCDPs) to equip Korean officials with skills in international affairs and to help them have a global mindset through better understanding on the current international situation and global issues. The BGCDPs include the International Skills Development Program (ISDP) and the Understanding Current Global Issues Program (UCGIP).

Secondly, NHI will conduct Advanced Global Competency Development Programs (AGCDPs) to provide Korean officials with specialized skills to carry out international business in the areas of international exchange and cooperation, international conferences and negotiations, and in consulting on Korea’s development cooperation projects in developing countries. The AGCDPs include the International Conference Program (ICP), the International Negotiation Program (INP), and the Global Development Cooperation Consulting Program (GDCCP).

Lastly, NHI will conduct our Preparation for Long-term Overseas Training Program (PLOTP) to help Korean officials selected for long-term overseas training in English- speaking countries execute their overseas missions successfully and adapt to local life effectively. The PLOTP includes the English Preparation for Long-term Overseas Training Program (EPLOTP), which is required for officials dispatched for long-term overseas training.

Incorporating Flipped Learning Flipped learning will be introduced this year into ISDPs and PLOTP. Programs at NHI will focus on discussion and practice-based training with case studies. What participants learn at NHI is directly applicable to their jobs.

Holding the ISDP Twice To accommodate the ever-increasing need to develop the international skills of Korean officials, NHI has added a second session of the International Skills Development Program. The class size will be reduced to less than 30 participants. There will be a greater focus on hands-on practice, which can directly affect job performance. To allow participants to experience international events firsthand, NHI will provide the participants with an opportunity to observe international forums or conferences at their convenience as pre-program assignments before coming to NHI.

Including International Forums/Conferences in Programs During the International Conference Program, NHI will provide the participants with a chance to observe the 21st World Knowledge Forum in central Seoul on September 16-18. Attendance at this forum is designed to give the participants a clear understanding of international forums and conferences with an in-depth look at the overall process, while equipping the participants with a strengthened global mindset, which they can use to better carry out their given international missions.

Inviting More Job-related Officials to NHI Programs To reinforce the effectiveness of our training, we will promote our programs by calling on government organizations to send officials from departments closely related to the characteristics of programs. Participants are expected to be motivated by the similarities in their jobs, to further enhance training effectiveness.

Collaborating with International Students NHI will strengthen collaboration with private and public HRD-related organizations, such as graduate schools of international studies and global universities in Songdo, Incheon, Korea, to maximize training effectiveness through various hands-on practices and experiences. For instance, NHI will invite international students from Sogang University’s Graduate School of International Studies to the International Conference Program, the International Negotiation Program, and the Overseas Training Preparation Program. NHI will also conduct a two-day, one-night overseas training experiential seminar at the Incheon Global Campus in collaboration with George Mason University Korea to expose participants with challenges they may face during overseas training.