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The Development Experience Exchange Partnership (DEEP) Program with Uzbekistan


NHI took part in this DEEP* program to share Korea’s national development experience through public HRD and administrative policy consulting. NHI will offer advice on curriculum design, textbook development, and teaching method establishment based on NHI’s current education programs.
* DEEP : Development Experience Exchange Partnership


NHI concluded an MOU with the Academy of Public Administration (APA) in 2014. In May 2015, Korea and Uzbekistan agreed on exchanges for public sector capacity building at a bilateral summit. Following the agreement, Uzbekistan asked for a Capacity Building Project for Public Sector Innovation and KOICA concluded an Agreed Minutes with APA in 2016. The Korean government delivered a Note Verbale to the government of Uzbekistan in June 2017. Next, NHI concluded a Negotiated Contract with KOICA in November 2017. KOICA selected the Korea Institute of Public Administration (KIPA), Seoul National University (SNU), and CIC SOFT as Project Contractors (PC) in 2018.


The “APA Capacity Building Project for Public Sector Innovation in Uzbekistan” (the official name of the project) started in November 2017 and is scheduled to end in November 2020. The project is designed to develop the public HRD system in Uzbekistan through policy consulting, to strengthen APA’s education capacity, and to improve capacity building through an invitational program.

Accomplishments in 2019 (2nd year)

In 2019, NHI held four invitational programs in Korea with a total of 70 participants to strengthen the participants’ policy management capacity. Two APA master’s programs (20 participants each), one APA faculty members program (15 participants), and one high-level public officials program (15 participants) were organized.

NHI also held three workshops in Uzbekistan in March, June, and August to improve the teaching methods and job skills of APA’s faculty members. In addition, NHI made four project management monitoring visits to Uzbekistan to conduct a baseline investigation and to monitor the project contractors’ tasks.

Furthermore, NHI participated in APA’s international conference in November, “State Human Resource Policy in the Context of Civil Service Reform: Experience of Uzbekistan Foreign Practice.” During the conference, Professor Hwang In-pyo from NHI gave a presentation on “HRD Innovation Using Living Lab.”

At the conference NHI also contributed to another International Seminar, “Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Public Servants,” designed to discuss and develop scientific and practical recommendations on the implementation of a system to assess the performance of public servants based on key performance indicators (KPI) for the public sector in a given country.
* Project Contractors continued with their tasks on policy consulting, policy case study development, smart learning, etc. in 2019.

Plan for 2020 (3rd year)

In 2020, NHI will have three invitational programs in Korea including one APA faculty members program and two APA master’s students programs. NHI is also planning to conduct two project management monitoring surveys and one end-line survey in Uzbekistan. Project contractors are also expected to finalize their given tasks. The DEEP project will be completed in November 2020 (This schedule is subject to change.)